My name is Jeff "Buck" Monson. I have been around racing since I was born. My dad was a
member of the pit crew of the late, great Ole Brua. I have been to every Gopher 50 race since it
began at Chateau Raceway over 30 years ago. I used to always bring my camera to the races
and would take pictures in the pits.
At the Fall Jamboree in 2007, I finally took some pictures from the infield at Deer Creek
Speedway. I showed some of the pictures to Frank Mason and Travis Cushion from the newly
formed Dirt Modifed Magazine. They both said that they loved the photos, so I got credentials
the next night and took some more pictures. I sent them in to the magazine and had a few
published in the magazines 2nd issue. That was mid-September.
In October of 2007, I started a website and my business,! I run my
business with the "treat people good and good things will happen" philosophy. After 6 full
years, things are going great! I have met some awesome people in the racing community. I had
my name on 1 car at the end of 2008. In 2009, I had my name on 5 race cars and in 2010 there
was probably 20+, in 2011 I think there were 40+ and we are up to about 50 now! I have had the
privilege of being the official photographer of Mark Noble's Pink breast cancer car that he
piloted in 2009 and look forward to doing more with that in the future.
Jason Cummins was the first driver to don the Buck Monson Photo decal on a regular basis and
as good fortune would have it, he won the first race. It was the "Night of Victory" race held the
night before the Jamboree in 2008, just 1 year from the inception of my business. So the first
victory lane shot was with Larry McReynolds, Kevin Harvick, Landon Cassill, Jason Cummins,
and myself.
I have also ventured into writing stories for Dirt Modified Magazine. My first story was on Mike
Sorensen, which I did during the 2008 season. Since then I have also done stories on the
Slingshots, Mark Noble's Breast Cancer tour, a notebook type story on the 2009 Fall Jamboree,
and fittingly enough, a story on Jason Cummins in 2010. I haven't done any stories since, but
would love to do a "photographers point of view" type story.
I plan on continuing this journey for years to come and hope to meet new people and create
new relationships along the way. My goal is to provide the best product at the best price in a
timely, professional manner.
I would like to thank my dad for giving me the push that I needed to start this, Deer Creek
Speedway for giving me the venue to shoot my first "gig", and Frank Mason (formerly with Dirt
Modified Magazine) for a place to show my work.
You can currently find me at Chateau Raceway, Deer Creek Speedway, Button Buck Speedway
and I-35 Speedway on a weekly basis. I will also follow the USMTS when in the area. I have
covered everything from local weekly USRA, IMCA, & WISSOTA racing to the Chili Bowl since
2008, the IMCA SuperNationals since 2009, USRA Nationals in 2010, Fall Jamboree since 2007,
Gopher 50 since 2008, Button Buck Speedway since it's inception back in 2008, the World
Modified Dirt Track Championship since 2011, Hawkeye Dirt Tour, Corn Belt Clash, World of
Outlaw Late Models, World of Outlaw Sprints, IRA Sprints, Night of 1000 Stars, Abilene Ice
Breaker, King of America since 2012, and much more.